Canoa, Ecuador is where my heart is

Expats in Canoa, Ecuador

View from our balcony at Playa del Sol

On Christmas Eve 2013, Curtis and I made a decision to buy 2 plane tickets from Kelowna, BC to Quito, Ecuador for a 6 week trip. 6 weeks was the longest that we had ever been away from home but I knew that I all the other 3 week vacations felt rushed and we needed a longer trip.

After traveling to a few countries looking for a place we would like to live one day we had visited Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. We were looking to explore South America to see if it had something that we felt was missing from the other places we had seen.  I read an article in International Living about how Ecuador was voted the number 1 place to retire and it peaked my interest, even though I am far from being retired (I’m 29 and Curtis is 38).

The fact Ecuador had a coast on the Pacific ocean meant it had to have great surf somewhere. It was on the equator so the water must be warm. I read that the prices were about 25% of what things cost in North America, which is great for my limited budget with a desire to have very long trips considering I still have to work for a living.

After some research, I found a little place called Canoa, Ecuador which seemed to be a bit off the grid from the usual ‘tourist’ hotspots in Ecuador. I tend to avoid touristy areas when it is possible, mainly because the culture is diluted and everything costs more. Canoa looked like a charming little surf town with cute shops and restaurants; however, it was inconvenient to get to… especially from Western Canada. I am glad I made the journey to get to this area of the country because it is now the place I want to move to and live permanently as soon as possible.

I certainly have a bunch of obstacles to get over before I can make the move but the dream has been established and I am hoping for a one way plane ticket in the next 2 to 3 years. Although, I will be back within the next 12 months for another lengthy visit.

In my next blog post I will be talking about the major obstacles I need to get out of the way such as creating some income from the internet, paying off some outstanding bills and how Curtis and I are going to learn Spanish fluently in the next 6 months to create opportunities while living in Ecuador to pay our way.


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