Moving to Canoa Ecuador and Learing Spanish

The first sunny day in Canoa, Ecuador

Amy and Curtis have been together for over a decade and have had many adventures in that time. They have started over 4 different businesses together that include a partnership in a software company, running a delivery business in their hometown and couple of online websites that sell product of services.

Although Amy and Curtis are currently living in Kelowna, BC Canada they have a new mission to do whatever it takes to get to their new destination abroad in Canoa, Ecuador. After a 6 week trip to the Country of Ecuador, they have a goal to live in Ecuador as soon as possible. This decision does not come without its challenges though. Unlike other expats that want to move to Ecuador, this young couple is far from retired and will need to conquer several obstacles before being able to achieve their goal in the next 2 to 3 years.

Some of the challenges that will be shared are the plan to clear up a current debt from a investment into one of their business start-ups, learning Spanish to a fluent level and how they plan on making a living in Ecuador because they are not financially to retire.

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  1. Hi, I am thinking about spending the winter in Canoa instead of my hometown, Chicago, but we’ve never been to Ecuador. I spent last winter in Costa Rica on the Pacific coast and loved it, but it was definitely not cheap. I was curious about your adventures in Canoa and what you loved about it that made it the top spot on your list instead of say, Costa Rica. Was it easy to find a place to stay? How much was your rent? Did you find people friendly? Loads of questions, I’d love to email with you more to learn more about your time there. My husband and I are not even close to retired and are hoping to either work remotely or save enough here before going for several months. Would love to hear more from you, feel free to email. Cheers, Kari

    • Hi Kari,

      Yes I will send you a direct email where you can ask me more specific questions. I would say overall what we found to be the best about Canoa in particular was that it had everything I wanted right outside my front door… or rather the front beach. We felt during our time there that we really did not need to do any excursions or look for ways of being entertained because we were satisfied with walks on the beach, surfing, spending time at the pool, hanging out under the gazebo and admiring a beautiful ocean view. We felt like it was an adventure every time we went to the market for shopping or decided to travel to Canoa, San Vicente or Bahia to find an interesting restaurant. I would definitely recommend knowing Spanish at least to a high beginner level, no one knows English there except the gringo expats. I only had 1 person who was semi fluent in English during the 6 weeks we stayed. I stayed at a vacation rental called Playa de Sol. Brent Carlson owns them. They were $900 per month for short term but I know he offers better rates for long term renters. It’s a apartment complex full of expats and seasonal owners but it is a beautiful. About 3 km away from the town of Canoa but it is only a short $0.50 bus ride (that comes every 20 minutes). The prices are peanuts compared to Costa Rica. I agree with you there, I love Costa Rica as well but it was hard to stay for long because the prices were very similar to North America.

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